9 business days


  • Minimum number of members – 3;
  • Association may receive funding;
  • Decisions are taken at the general or partial meeting of members.

The association is a legal form of organization of a non-profit company the purpose of which is to coordinate the activities and to represent the interests of the association members, as well as to defend the said interests or to satisfy other public interests.

Price for the incorporation of the association – € 399

When establishing the association with the English name € +150.

The price includes:

  • € 16.22 the fee at the State Enterprise Center of Registers for the name of the company;
  • € 26.55 the fee at the State Enterprise Center of Registers for the incorporation of the association;
  • € 105 the notary fee;
  • € 236.42 preparation of documents, representation at the State Enterprise Center of Registers, and registration address for the unlimited period of time..

*The price may increase in case the founders are legal entities.

We will establish the association within 8-9 business days.

The association is a legal entity established by the state, municipality, their institutions or other persons that are acting without a profit motive and have the purpose to satisfy public interests. Usually, the association can be identified from the words ‘association’, ‘group’, ‘confederation’, ‘union’, ‘society, ‘club’ that are used in the title.

The purpose of the association is to represent the interests of its members – the like-minded allies – who are united in the association in order to protect their rights and positions, as well as to cooperate with similar types of organizations abroad. As a result, individuals or companies are most likely to join to associations in accordance with the groups of interest.

There must be at least three founders of the association. The persons who are at least 18 years of age may be the members of the association, except in the cases of associations where the activities are related to the needs of children and young people, then the members may be younger.

Statutes are one of the most important documents at the activities of the association. The Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and the relevant laws require the objectives of the association’s activities to be described in a clear and comprehensive manner, indicating the field and type of activity.

The association has the right to engage in the permitted economic-commercial activities that are inextricably linked to its business objectives and are necessary in order to achieve them.
Members of the association shall pay the enrolment and annual membership fees.

The bodies of the association shall be: the general meeting of members or any other body (conference, convention, congress, assembly, etc.) which enjoys all or part of the rights of the general meeting. The association must also have a sole (director, president) or collegiate management body (board, supervisory board or presidium), the other bodies (commissions, working groups) may also be formed.

The Law on Associations establishes that the members of the collegiate bodies which are not the management bodies, shall not be remunerated for activities in the association.
The association shall use the money received as support, as well as other non-refundable money and assets, for the purposes specified by the provider, if the person has indicated such purposes.



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