6 business days.


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  • Steigėjų gali būti neribotas skaičius fizinių ar juridinių asmenų

Public limited liability company – a legal entity which is owned by one or more legal or natural persons and has limited financial liability – by choosing such a business form, the Company’s participants are liable only by the owned share capital.

Price for incorporation – € 239*.

The price includes:

  • € 16.22 the fee at the State Enterprise Center of Registers for the name of the company;
  • € 26.36 the fee at the State Enterprise Center of Registers for the incorporation of the Association;
  • € 105 the notary fee;
  • € 15 production of the company stamp;
  • € 167.42 preparation of documents, representation at the State Enterprise Center of Registers, and registration address for the unlimited period of time..

* The price may increase in case the founders are legal entities requiring preparation of the additional documents.

We will establish the company within 5-6 business days.

Public limited liability company is a private legal entity with limited civil liability.
An unlimited number of natural and legal persons may be the founders of the public limited liability company.

The minimum authorized capital is € 43,443 which must be paid up in cash. The part exceeding the minimum authorized capital may be paid up by other assets. The registered capital of the public limited liability company is divided into shares and formed when the participants are paying up the shares according to their nominal value. Shares cannot be paid up by works and services. Non-monetary contributions must be assessed in the manner prescribed by legal acts.

The public limited liability company must have the necessary governing bodies: the general meeting of shareholders and the manager with whom the employment contract is concluded. The Board and the Supervisory Board may also be formed. In relations with the third parties, the public limited liability company is represented by the manager. The most important decisions are made by the shareholders’ meeting.

The shareholders divide the profit in proportion to their share in the registered capital. The profit is paid out by distributing dividends.

The public limited liability company has the possibility to trade shares publicly on stock exchanges. In this way, additional capital can be received from a wider circle of people. The public limited liability company may only hold intangible shares.



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