4 days


  • Income tax exemption may be applied;
  • The registered capital is necessary
  • Can be established by one or more persons.

One of the most common forms of business. The company has a limited liability, the registered capital is necessary, one or more persons (shareholders) can be the founder/s.

Incorporation of the private limited liability company – € 599*.

The price includes:

  • The notary fee;
  • Amendments at the State Enterprise Center of Registers;
  • The fee at the State Enterprise Center of Registers;
  • The registered capital built up by us (€ 2500);
  • Registration address for the unlimited period of time.

*when the company is established by more than one person, the additional fee is applied which is equal to € 39

We will establish the company within 3-5 days.

The private limited liability company (UAB) is a private legal entity with limited liability.

This means that the shareholders are not liable for the unfulfilled obligations of UAB by their assets. The registered capital of UAB shall be at least € 2 500.

UAB may be established by one or more natural or legal persons, and the number of shareholders is unlimited. A shareholder may sell or otherwise transfer (e.g. donate, exchange, etc.) his/her own shares of UAB.

The shareholders shall take the most important decisions by voting. Each share entitles its holder to one vote, so the majority shareholder has the greatest influence on the voting at the general meeting of shareholders. UAB must have a sole management body – a manager, and a collegiate management body, i.e. the board, may also be formed.\

In the event of a failure of the business, the shareholder risks only by the assets that he has invested in UAB, thus protecting his personal property. In order to attract additional funds, UAB may issue new shares for the acquisition of which the shareholders pay the fixed amount of money. The ability to withdraw from the business by transferring the shares of UAB to other persons or by selling the business is provided.

Tax reliefs for UAB: if the average number of employees does not exceed 10 persons and the income of the tax period is lower than € 300,000, the preferential tax rate of 5 % is applied instead of the usual 15 % rate. The shareholders can only pay out the profit earned by UAB through dividends.



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