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  • The fund may be established by an unlimited number of persons;
  • non-profit organization;
  • limited civil liability.

Charity and support fund is a non-profit legal entity the main objectives of which are the provision of charity and/or support, as well as any other aid, where appropriate, to other natural and legal persons in the fields of science, education, culture, art, religion, sport, health care, and other areas of public interest without a profit motive.

Price for incorporation – 499 € + notary fee

We will establish the fund within 5-6 business days.

Charity and support fund is a public legal entity of a limited civil liability with its own name, which manages and uses the owned assets or assets transferred to it; moreover, is entitled to dispose of such assets, and the main objectives of which are to provide charity and/or support to natural and legal persons in areas of public interest without a profit motive.

The fund’s activities are subject to certain restrictions related to restrictions on the fund’s property rights, the establishment of other legal entities, and loans.

The Fund is a non-profit-making legal entity; therefore, the stakeholders cannot profit from such activities. Also, with the exception of the fund’s liquidation, there is no possibility of recovering the contributions made.

An unlimited number of natural or legal persons who may be the support providers may be the founders of a charity and support fund. From the day the fund is registered, all founders become the stakeholders.

The fund must have a stakeholders’ meeting and a management body (sole or/and collegiate). The general meeting of the stakeholders is the supreme body of the fund. At the meeting, each stakeholder shall have one vote, unless the articles of association provide that the volume of voting rights is related to the size of the contributions. The work or service provision contracts are concluded with members of the management bodies.

The charity and support fund may have an inviolable capital which can be used for the investments and the income received from such investments must only be allocated for the purposes of the statutory public interest objectives.

The fund may be restructured into the public enterprise.



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